free world

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free world

The countries of the world that have democratic and capitalistic or moderately socialistic systems rather than communist or totalitarian systems.

Free World

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the Free World the non-Communist countries collectively, esp those that are actively anti-Communist

free′ world′

(often caps.) the nations of the world that are not under totalitarian control or influence.
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Noun1.Free World - anti-communist countries collectively
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
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As a youth, by way of the saloon I had escaped from the narrowness of woman's influence into the wide free world of men.
De Barral was out and, for a time speechless, being led away almost before he had taken possession of the free world, by his daughter.
How cheerful my heart would have been, starting on a fine morning, with the smell of the spring in my nostrils, fortified by the approval of those left behind, accompanied by the pious blessings of my family, with every step getting farther from the suffocation of daily duties, out into the wide fresh world, out into the glorious free world, so poor, so penitent, and so happy!
Injun Joe lay stretched upon the ground, dead, with his face close to the crack of the door, as if his longing eyes had been fixed, to the latest moment, upon the light and the cheer of the free world outside.
'That's China's take and it is a free world; it can say anything it wants.'
The sad reality of the present world order is that the United States -- leader of the free world -- has to seek help from one set of communists to tame the others.
The New World Order that formulated and incepted itself at the end of World War I, but more formally came to describe the zeitgeist of a post-war, free world has only existed for around three decades and the relevance of which seems to be fading now.
He informed that the title of the walk would be 'Wanted Leaders for a TB free World', adding that besides NMU VC, Dr Zafar Hussain Tanvir and Pro VC, Dr Ahmad Ejaz Masood, a good number of doctors, paramedics and civil society members would attend the walk.
Who is the leader of the free world? Important as the question sounds, I'm beginning to wonder if it's better left unanswered.
The leader of the free world retweeting a far-right organization became just another frightful part of what we apparently refer to as the "new normal".
The Head of State recalled his favorite quotes of Natan Sharansky about the three sources of power of the free world the power of an individuals inner freedom, of a free society, and of the solidarity of the free world.
Bashar AlShiltawny to register Dawacom as part of its TAG-Org's Tax Free World Network.