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ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S FILMS have always invited what Freud called "wild analysis." ("You Freud, me Jane?" Tippi Hedren's character says to Sean Connery in Mamie [1964], as he forces her to free-associate.) Indeed, it's hard to think of any other filmmaker who has been called on to prove so many points by so many critics.
She is happy to dismiss the "critic behind the curtain" effect: "You should feel quite at liberty to free-associate" about aromas and flavors rather than swallowing the boilerplate descriptions of "tired old professionals." If not a 24-hour course, it's a perfect weekend party.
What this means: If you become stuck, try working briefly on something that occupies your brain a completely different way, allowing you to free-associate about the earlier challenge.
In analysis, the patient is meant to free-associate, with no set end goal in mind.