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or free′form`,

1. characterized by asymmetrical or irregular form: free-form sculpture.
2. functioning or evolving without advance planning or without conventional structures.
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[ˈfriːfɔːm] ADJ (Art, Mus) → de estilo libre
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The arrival of free-form lens production has enabled the Rx industry to utilise a description seldom applied in manufacturing optics a revolutionary change to previous procedures.
The poems in Aavaan Javaan are arranged seemingly by form, beginning with longer pieces separated into numbered sections, then moving to some with short stanzas offset on the page, and finally moving to longer, more free-form stanzas before mirroring back at the end, examining all the while the interpersonal and intercontinental bonds the poet has experienced.
Chris Raschka, features watercolor, pastel and charcoal pencil artwork of bright colors, free-form shapes and childlike characters.
After mixing nitrite rust inhibitor into the concrete structure, N[O.sub.2.sup.-] in the structure generally exists in two forms: one is free-form N[O.sub.2]- that is free to move in pore fluids and the other is a hardened N[O.sub.2.sup.-] bound by cement hydration products [10, 11].
With this aim, the study distinguished among 5 levels of customisation; personalisation, configuration, in-store configuration, skeleton and free-form. The results revealed that among 65% and 94% of the parents, depending on the level of difficulty, have the required skills.
Participants wore the watch on their left wrist and were asked to use their wrist to make four directional marks similar to flicking a touch screen, and four free-form shapes, such as a triangle.
Released in 1969, shortly after their appearance at Woodstock, it's a mix of their previous free-form instrumental style and more mainstream songs with their characteristic psychedelic jazz flavour.
Let's be clear, we're not talking about an automated response "thank you for your feedback, your opinion is important to us." If that is the only response you provide, it is likely to be counter-productive--particularly with those customers who supply free-form comments.
Fernando yields free-form shapes and swathes of uncommon glazes.
One rotund lady said she was into free-form but was now cultivating the right belly for the belly dancing class.