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1. The distance from the water line to the gunwales of an open boat or to the main deck of a decked vessel.
2. The distance between normal water level and the top of a structure or mass that rises out of the water, such as a buoy, dam, or ice floe.

[Probably ultimately partial translation of Anglo-Norman franc bord, land claimed outside the fence of a park or forest : franc, free + bord, bort, border; see border.]


(Nautical Terms) the space or distance between the deck of a vessel and the waterline


(ˈfriˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

1. (on a cargo vessel) the distance between the uppermost deck considered fully watertight and the official load line.
2. the height of the watertight portion of a building or other construction above a given level of water.


[ˈfriːbɔːd] n (Naut) → bordo libero
References in classic literature ?
But Jerry was to know Harley Kennan, and quickly, for it was Harley Kennan, a bowline around his body under his arm-pits, lowered by a couple of seamen down the generous freeboard of the Ariel, who gathered in by the nape of the neck the smooth-coated Irish terrier that, treading water perpendicularly, had no eyes for him so eagerly did he gaze at the line of faces along the rail in quest of the one face.
Going to the toilet over the side and looking at the fact that there was no freeboard and the boat was just about underwater.
Sherwin-Williams will provide just-in-time coatings as work progresses for the exterior topside, underwater hull and freeboard. Tank coatings include potable water, ballast, feedwater, reserve feedwater and damage control voids.
After an ultrasonic clean in trike, components undergo a vapour rinse before dwelling in the freeboard to dry.
Oak Tree Farm, Freeboard Lane, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, two-storey side extensions and construction of detached stable block and storage building.
* Determine the distance from the gangway hinge to top of the dock at ELW -"Gangway Hinge Elevation" - ELW Elevation = Freeboard (FB) in feet.
Three additional inches of freeboard, a raised console with toe-kick, and added floor space give the 2400 TRS the largest cockpit in the Pathfinder line-up.
This is followed by immersion and vapour rinses, before boards undergo a freeboard dry.
Oak Tree Farm, Freeboard Lane, Ryton-on-Dunsmore - construction of two- storey front and rear extensions, single-storey extension and erection of detached stable block and implement building/hay barn.
Beam is 8 feet; draft is 17 inches; dry weight is 1,750 pounds; and interior freeboard is 21 inches.