freedom of the press

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Noun1.freedom of the press - a right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the US Constitution
civil right - right or rights belonging to a person by reason of citizenship including especially the fundamental freedoms and privileges guaranteed by the 13th and 14th amendments and subsequent acts of Congress including the right to legal and social and economic equality
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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I know not by what logic it could be maintained, that the declarations in the State constitutions, in favor of the freedom of the press, would be a constitutional impediment to the imposition of duties upon publications by the State legislatures.
A power to destroy the freedom of the press, the trial by jury, or even to regulate the course of descents, or the forms of conveyances, must be very singularly expressed by the terms "to raise money for the general welfare."
By this, the long wished-for opportunity was offered to "True" Socialism of confronting the political movement with the Socialist demands, of hurling the traditional anathemas against liberalism, against representative government, against bourgeois competition, bourgeois freedom of the press, bourgeois legislation, bourgeois liberty and equality, and of preaching to the masses that they had nothing to gain, and everything to lose, by this bourgeois movement.
"There is something in what you say, my good friend, and what do we meet for but to speak our minds--freedom of opinion, freedom of the press, liberty--that kind of thing?
The very general toleration of foreign religions, the regard paid to the means of education, the freedom of the press, the facilities offered to all foreigners, and especially, as I am bound to add, to every one professing the humblest pretensions to science, should be recollected with gratitude by those who have visited Spanish South America.
Put another way, there is an obvious potential clash between the freedom of the press and the protection of personal freedoms and confidentialities.
Freedom of the press in Lebanon has always been at risk; many Lebanese journalists have been assassinated for their opinions.
Although we may have inherited the concept of freedom of the press from the West, it is imperative that our culture should restrain us from the abuse of this freedom,' Andanar said Saturday.
In his message, the Chief Minister said that the journalists digging out the truth for the sake of public interest are praiseworthy and the present-day freedom of the press is the result of their longstanding struggle.
Every year on May 3, World Press Freedom is celebrated across the world and in Pakistan too, rallies and seminars are conducted to highlight the importance of freedom of the press. Journalists who lay down their lives in the course of their duty are also paid tribute on this day.
Ms Mueller said it was in 1956 that the press council in Germany was set up to defend freedom of the press. The council provides guidelines and recommendations [to journalists].

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