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1. Having or characterized by a usually flowing asymmetric shape or outline: freeform sculpture.
2. Characterized by an unconventional or variable form: their own freeform teaching methods.

free′form′ adv.
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After "The Fosters" ended, fans got to see more of Callie (Maia Mitchell) and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) with Freeform's spinoff series, "Good Trouble." With the Season 1 finale ending tonight, will that be the end of their story?
On two circles, add a 2-inch rim; on the other two, a 3-inch-wide freeform border.
Nor can print production be opposed as identical, fixed, and conventional to a fluid, freeform scribal circulation.
The amazing geometric piecework is never freeform, always precise.
Like the old freeform stations, they can hire skilled knowledgeable hosts who understand how to put disparate songs together in creative sets that no scheduling engine could conceive.
The next Freeform project, Audio Tours In Vietnam & China, will be released by Sub Rosa early next year.
One company, RJ Studios in Newtown, PA, has used FreeForm in contract work for companies like Mattel and Fisher Price Brands.
Since 1985 askSam Systems has created some of the world's most popular freeform database and information management tools.
Shown in late June at this year's NPE trade show was FreeForm CAM solutions, available with ESPRIT 2003, a collection of machining cycles for milling and turning.
Clearly the product of increasingly sophisticated computer generation, which in turn forces a kind of inventiveness with materials and construction (somehow the thing has to morph from screen fantasy to buildable reality), van Egeraat's concert hall adds to his repertoire of provocative blobs; indeed the carefully choreographed relationship between old (orthogonal, logical) and new (freeform, indulgent) embodies a neat, if slightly ironic, snapshot of certain aspects of the Dutch architectural scene.
This combination of power and flexibility enables freeform customers to achieve their ultimate goal: optimized tool path.
FreeForm HR Lite, which prints tax forms using employee data, is also available at no cost.