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Openhanded; generous. See Synonyms at liberal.

free′hand′ed·ly adv.
free′hand′ed·ness n.
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Adj.1.freehanded - done by hand without mechanical aids or devices; "a freehand drawing"
original - being or productive of something fresh and unusual; or being as first made or thought of; "a truly original approach"; "with original music"; "an original mind"
2.freehanded - given or giving freelyfreehanded - given or giving freely; "was a big tipper"; "the bounteous goodness of God"; "bountiful compliments"; "a freehanded host"; "a handsome allowance"; "Saturday's child is loving and giving"; "a liberal backer of the arts"; "a munificent gift"; "her fond and openhanded grandfather"
generous - willing to give and share unstintingly; "a generous donation"


Characterized by bounteous giving:
References in classic literature ?
He seemed good-natured, he was freehanded, he had money, he never said anything.
Their small irregularities, the result of being rendered quickly and freehanded, suggest that meticulously visualizing geometry, what we would expect to be 'perfection,' was never her intention.
In a number of small pieces, calligraphic flourishes recall nothing so much as the freehanded doodling that cartoonists use to indicate an abstract painting when one has to be shown in the background of a scene.
Past research (13) on an elliptical trainer has shown that gluteal muscle activation was not markedly different between exercising while grasping stationary handles, using the mobile handles, or while freehanded.