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Openhanded; generous. See Synonyms at liberal.

free′hand′ed·ly adv.
free′hand′ed·ness n.
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Where MacIntyre explains in detail the failure of the efforts of modernity to account for and conserve traditional rules in the moral order, by allusion and implication Schall explains the comparative freehandedness of modernity to innovate in the political order.
The long, unerring straightaways that dominate Nitsche's compositions gradually reveal themselves as feats of physical virtuosity, like a kind of manual sostenuto: Only up close can one detect (and then only just barely) their faint wobbles of freehandedness. These really are action paintings, albeit of an utterly unromantic, willfully restrained, and deliberative kind.
It is also a June morning for "Shakespeare," whose lavish freehandedness is in opposition to Clarissa's frugality.