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v. free·lanced, free·lanc·ing, free·lanc·es
1. To work as a freelancer: a journalist who freelances.
2. To act independently without orders from another: an official who was freelancing when he committed the crime.
To produce and sell as a freelancer: freelanced the article to a magazine publisher.
n. also free lance
1. A freelancer.
2. An uncommitted independent, as in politics or social life.
3. A medieval mercenary.

free′lance′ adv. & adj.


1. (Journalism & Publishing)
a. Also called: freelancer a self-employed person, esp a writer or artist, who is not employed continuously but hired to do specific assignments
b. (as modifier): a freelance journalist.
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person, esp a politician, who supports several causes or parties without total commitment to any one
3. (Historical Terms) (in medieval Europe) a mercenary soldier or adventurer
(Journalism & Publishing) to work as a freelance on (an assignment, etc)
as a freelance
[C19 (in sense 3): later applied to politicians, writers, etc]

free′ lance`

1. a mercenary soldier of the Middle Ages who offered his services to any state or cause.


or free-lance

(ˈfriˌlæns, -ˌlɑns, -ˈlæns, -ˈlɑns)

n., v. -lanced, -lanc•ing,
adj., adv. n.
1. Also, free′lanc`er. a person who sells services without working on a salary basis for one employer.
2. a person who contends in causes without attachment or allegiance.
3. to act or work as a freelance.
4. to produce or sell as a freelance.
5. of or pertaining to a freelance or the work of a freelance.
6. in the manner of a freelance.


- Comes from the knights whose lances were free for hire and who were not pledged to one master; originally, a freelance was a free companion or a person free of occupational or political party obligation or allegiance.
See also related terms for hire.


Past participle: freelanced
Gerund: freelancing

I freelance
you freelance
he/she/it freelances
we freelance
you freelance
they freelance
I freelanced
you freelanced
he/she/it freelanced
we freelanced
you freelanced
they freelanced
Present Continuous
I am freelancing
you are freelancing
he/she/it is freelancing
we are freelancing
you are freelancing
they are freelancing
Present Perfect
I have freelanced
you have freelanced
he/she/it has freelanced
we have freelanced
you have freelanced
they have freelanced
Past Continuous
I was freelancing
you were freelancing
he/she/it was freelancing
we were freelancing
you were freelancing
they were freelancing
Past Perfect
I had freelanced
you had freelanced
he/she/it had freelanced
we had freelanced
you had freelanced
they had freelanced
I will freelance
you will freelance
he/she/it will freelance
we will freelance
you will freelance
they will freelance
Future Perfect
I will have freelanced
you will have freelanced
he/she/it will have freelanced
we will have freelanced
you will have freelanced
they will have freelanced
Future Continuous
I will be freelancing
you will be freelancing
he/she/it will be freelancing
we will be freelancing
you will be freelancing
they will be freelancing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been freelancing
you have been freelancing
he/she/it has been freelancing
we have been freelancing
you have been freelancing
they have been freelancing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been freelancing
you will have been freelancing
he/she/it will have been freelancing
we will have been freelancing
you will have been freelancing
they will have been freelancing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been freelancing
you had been freelancing
he/she/it had been freelancing
we had been freelancing
you had been freelancing
they had been freelancing
I would freelance
you would freelance
he/she/it would freelance
we would freelance
you would freelance
they would freelance
Past Conditional
I would have freelanced
you would have freelanced
he/she/it would have freelanced
we would have freelanced
you would have freelanced
they would have freelanced
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.freelance - a writer or artist who sells services to different employers without a long-term contract with any of them
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
Verb1.freelance - work independently and on temporary contracts rather than for a long-term employer
do work, work - be employed; "Is your husband working again?"; "My wife never worked"; "Do you want to work after the age of 60?"; "She never did any work because she inherited a lot of money"; "She works as a waitress to put herself through college"
Adj.1.freelance - working for yourself
salaried - receiving a salary; "salaried members of the staff"
2.freelance - serving for wages in a foreign army; "mercenary killers"
paid - marked by the reception of pay; "paid work"; "a paid official"; "a paid announcement"; "a paid check"
مُسْتَقِل في عملِهمُسْتَقِلّيَعْمَل مُسْتَقِلا
na volné nozenezávislý pracovníkpoštovné hrazené adresátempracovat na volné noze
freelance-på freelancebasisfreelance
lausamaîur; lausamennskavera í lausamennsku
externýmať voľné zamestnanie
làm tự do


C. N = freelancer


[journalist, worker] → indépendant(e)
[work] → à la pige, à la tâche
to work freelance → travailler en free-lance
to go freelance → se mettre à travailler en free-lance


1. adj freelance contributorcollaboratore/trice esterno/a
freelance work → collaborazione f esterna
3. vi (journalist) → essere un(a) giornalista m/f indipendente


(friː) adjective
1. allowed to move where one wants; not shut in, tied, fastened etc. The prison door opened, and he was a free man.
2. not forced or persuaded to act, think, speak etc in a particular way. free speech; You are free to think what you like.
3. (with with) generous. He is always free with his money/advice.
4. frank, open and ready to speak. a free manner.
5. costing nothing. a free gift.
6. not working or having another appointment; not busy. I shall be free at five o'clock.
7. not occupied, not in use. Is this table free?
8. (with of or from) without or no longer having (especially something or someone unpleasant etc). She is free from pain now; free of charge.
verbpast tense, past participle freed
1. to make or set (someone) free. He freed all the prisoners.
2. (with from or of) to rid or relieve (someone) of something. She was able to free herself from her debts by working at an additional job.
ˈfreedom noun
the state of not being under control and being able to do whatever one wishes. The prisoner was given his freedom.
ˈfreely adverb
1. in a free manner. to give freely to charity; to speak freely.
2. willingly; readily. I freely admit it was my fault.
Freefone® noun
(also freephone ; American toll-free number) a telephone number of a business or an organization that can be used free of charge by their customers etc; the system giving this service.
ˌfree-for-ˈall noun
a contest, debate etc in which anyone can take part.
ˈfreehand adjective, adverb
(of a drawing etc) (done) without any instruments (eg a ruler) to guide the hand.
ˈfreehold adjective
(of land, property etc) belonging completely to the owner, not just for a certain time.
ˈfreelance noun, adjective
(of or done by) a person who is working on his own, not for any one employer. a freelance journalist; freelance work.
to work in this way. He is freelancing now.
Freepost noun
a system in Britain in which a business or an organization pays the cost of the post sent to it.
free ˈskating noun
a free style in ice-skating competitions.
free speech
the right to express an opinion freely. I believe in free speech.
free trade
trade with foreign countries without customs duties, taxes etc.
ˈfreeway noun
a motorway.
ˌfreeˈwheel verb
to travel (downhill) on a bicycle, in a car etc without using mechanical power.
free will
the ability to choose and act freely. He did it of his own free will.
a free hand
freedom to do whatever one likes. He gave her a free hand with the servants.
set free
to make (someone) free. The soldiers set the terrorists' prisoners free.


مُسْتَقِلّ na volné noze freelance-, på freelancebasis freiberuflich ελεύθερος επαγγελματίας, εξωτερική συνεργασία por cuenta propia freelance- indépendamment, indépendant nezavisan, nezavisno freelance, indipendente 自由契約で, 自由契約の 자유계약으로, 자유계약의 freelance frilans, frilans- niezależnie, wolny strzelec de forma freelance, em regime freelance, freelance внештатно, внештатный frilans-, frilansare ซึ่งทำงานอิสระไม่ได้รับเงินเดือนประจำ, ที่ทำงานอิสระ bağımsız, bağımsız olarak làm tự do 自由职业地, 自由职业的
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Having freelanced for so long, Shoufani believes freelancers often have more than one skill and shouldn't pigeonhole themselves.
Porter's work with MRA took him back to India for four years, 1955 to 1959, where he also freelanced for such newspapers as The Scotsman, the Indian Express and the International Labor News Service in the USA.
He has freelanced dozens of articles to regional and national publications, including The New York Times, New Jersey Monthly, Nasdaq, Forbes Executive Edge, Crain's New York Business, The Bond Buyer and Nonprofit Times.