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Standing or operating independently of anything else: a freestanding bell tower; a freestanding maternity clinic.


1. standing apart; not attached to or supported by another object
2. (Grammar) (in systemic grammar) denoting a clause that can stand alone as a sentence; denoting or being a main clause. Compare bound18b


(ˈfriˈstæn dɪŋ)

1. (of a sculpture, structure, etc.) unattached to a supporting unit or background; standing alone.
2. not affiliated with others; autonomous: a freestanding clinic.
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Adj.1.freestanding - standing apart; not attached to or supported by anything; "a freestanding bell tower"; "a house with a separate garage"
detached - used of buildings; standing apart from others; "detached houses"; "a detached garage"
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Patients who visit freestanding emergency rooms in Texas should now have a better idea of whether their health insurance will cover the bill.
Guinness World Records has certified that the centre tower deck is the largest freestanding structure of its kind anywhere in the world.
The freestanding Claremont slipper bathtub is made from doubleskinned acrylic with resin reinforcement.
The Bari Freestanding Bath makes a stunning addition to any modern bathroom.
Backup alarms come in two styles: as a replacement bulb for your existing backup lights and as a freestanding alarm to mount under your vehicle.
lt;p>This freestanding restaurant is turnkey for any concept or kept as is.
The Freestanding DSL service has been introduced by EarthLink (Nasdaq:ELNK), an Internet service provider based in Atlanta, USA.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-11 July 2007-EarthLink introduces Freestanding DSL service(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
At the corner of Turbridge Road a 5000 s/f freestanding building, currently a restaurant, is available for long term lease.
FASB issued Staff Position (FSP) FAS 123(R)-1, Classification and Measurement of Freestanding Financial Instruments Originally Issued in Exchange for Employee Services under FASB Statement No.
Once mostly identified with bathrooms in stately Victorians and quaint B & Bs, freestanding tubs are making a comeback in remodels and new construction.
This optically unstable surface served as a woozy ground for five freestanding sculptural assemblages that reconstituted found objects and cheap, gaudy materials in weirdly lyrical ways.