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a. A rapid swimming stroke consisting of alternating overarm strokes and a flutter kick; the crawl.
b. A swimming event or leg of an event in which the contestants may choose any stroke.
2. A competition, as in figure skating, skiing, or surfing, in which any maneuver or movement is allowed and competitors are judged on their artistic expression, acrobatic skill, and athleticism.
3. A style of wrestling in which all noninjurious holds or tactics are permitted.

free′style′ adv. & adj.
free′styl′er n.
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(General Sporting Terms) a person who specializes or competes in a freestyle sporting event
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Touching fourth at the turn, the freestyler let rip on the way back and overhauled the Russians in the final few metres to snatch bronze by a tenth of a second.
Also, the three-time World and European champion in freestyle wrestling Haji Aliyev (65 kilograms) ranks 8th with 22 points and another Azerbaijani freestyler Sharif Sharifov (92 kilograms) ranks 11th with 20 points.
The show featured a team of world class freestyler moto-x riders leaping through the air and antics from ramps to landers, while BMX bikers, skaters and scooters hurtled down a huge ramp to perform stunts so crazy they needed an airbag on the wall to slow them down after landing.
Ben made a name for himself as a flamboyant freestyler by posting videos on the internet of his outrageous tricks, often performed on the streets of Birmingham.
ISLAMABAD -- Iran freestyler grabbed bronze in Hungary World Champs.
The Stockton disco event even featured a 'freestyler' demonstrating some amazing keepie-ups and ball skills.
Vlad, 25, who is a programme engineer by day in Kiev and a freestyler by night, is delighted to be in Bahrain to showcase his juggling skills which he has been perfecting for more than a decade.
Football freestyler Chris Draper was on hand to showcase his twists and flicks to a crowd of captivated youngsters.
Other players for the match will include singer-songwriter Olly Murs, X-Factor winner turned Coronation Street star Shayne Ward and Steps star and boyhood Evertonian Lee Latchford-Evans, along with reality TV star Calum Best, F2 Freestyler Jeremy Lynch, TOWIE star James 'Arg' Argent.