freeze frame

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or freeze frame (frēz′frām′)
1. A still image in a cinematic work made by showing a series of identical frames or by stopping a film or video at one desired frame, usually representing the suspension of action or time.
2. A vivid, motionless scene or image.

freeze′-frame′ v.
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freeze′ frame`

an optical effect or technique in which a single frame of film is reprinted in a continuous series so as to give the effect of a still photograph when shown.
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His new book, Freeze Frame, is out and there will be a chance to get Doug to sign a copy.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 26, 2017-Picsolve Expands US Footprint with Acquisition of Digital Imaging Firm Freeze Frame
It features color processing with a 12-channel color matrix adjustment, freeze frame, five user-programmable settings files, and can be controlled remotely through RS-232.
Eventually, the cast breaks out of their freeze frame positions and start dancing around the ballroom as the song blasts through the speakers.
Doug's presentation also includes mesmerising footage and remarkable photographs from his trips that also feature in his book Freeze Frame, about his life as a polar cameraman.
So why the hell did most national newspapers print stills from the killer's footage, including the freeze frame of Alison's shocked face after she'd been shot?
* The addition of a front panel freeze frame and long exposure mode up to 1 second (60 frames), makes the new camera configuration well-suited for scientific imaging and microscopy applications.
The drama techniques used in the project were mind movies, which transports learning to another time, place or event; on-the-table, in which a class is presented with an object and scrutinized from interesting angles; miming movement, or acting out ideas without speech to think about how living things or objects work; freeze frame, to create a still image; modelling, similar to freeze frame except creating a representation rather than showing how the organism works; hot seating, where a teacher or children with particular knowledge or expertise sit in the hot seat to be questioned; mini-historical plays to dramatize a science story; and monologues from well-known scientists written by children to explain the individual's work.
Some of the features of this dome camera system include, Autofocus, high-resolution integrated Low Light color camera/optics package, Day/Night, 540 TVL, 23x optical zoom, Window blanking, Camera title overlay, 20 user-definable characters, On-screen compass and tilt display, Password protection, Freeze frame during presets, Built-in surge and limited lightning protection and more.
Freeze Frame lip injection, PS39 @ Use Kim's clever trick to create that perfect pouty bow.
The experiences are extraordinary, the challenges many, explains film critic and author, Anupama Chopra in her latest book Freeze Frame ( Om Books; ` 395).