freeze onto

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w>freeze onto

vi +prep obj (US inf) to freeze onto somebodysich wie eine Klette an jdn hängen or heften
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If you inject crystals of silver iodide into the atmosphere, suddenly there would be lots of particles to freeze onto and a cloud can develop quickly, sometimes producing rain.
That a special type of water droplet in the atmosphere would freeze onto the particles and cause clouds to grow faster in that area.
Water can remain liquid at temperatures well below the freezing point if there is no surface or impurity for the water to freeze onto.
Water molecules ejected by rare cometary impacts on the Moon might freeze onto these "cold traps.
In the absence of sunlight, atmospheric gases freeze onto the moon's surface and electrons have fewer particles with which to collide, Geissler's team explains.
With further extraction of the heat through this shell of solid metal, the liquid begins to freeze onto it, and the wall of solid increases in thickness.
As the crystals move around the cloud, more droplets of water attach and freeze onto the original crystal.
These gases would drift across the Moon and freeze onto the cold surface of the night side.
Carbon dioxide would probably freeze onto the surface instead of remaining as a gas, though Lunine notes cosmic rays might produce carbon monoxide from the CO.