freeze up

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يَتَوَقَّف عن الحركَه بسبب البرد الشّديد
fryse til
stöîvast vegna kulda

w>freeze up

zufrieren; (pipes)einfrieren; (windscreen, windows)vereisen
(Comput inf) → abstürzen
vt sep
(Comput inf) computerzum Absturz bringen
we were frozen up last winterletztes Jahr waren alle unsere Leitungen eingefroren
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(friːz) past tense froze (frəuz) : past participle frozen (ˈfrəuzn) verb
1. to make into or become ice. It's so cold that the river has frozen over.
2. (of weather) to be at or below freezing-point. If it freezes again tonight all my plants will die.
3. to make or be very cold. If you had stayed out all night in the snow you might have frozen to death (= died of exposure to cold).
4. to make (food) very cold in order to preserve it. You can freeze the rest of that food and eat it later.
5. to make or become stiff, still or unable to move (with fear etc). She froze when she heard the strange noise.
6. to fix prices, wages etc at a certain level. If the situation does not improve, wages will be frozen again.
a period of very cold weather when temperatures are below freezing-point. How long do you think the freeze will last?
ˈfreezer noun
a cabinet for keeping food at, or bringing it down to, a temperature below freezing-point.
ˈfreezing adjective
very cold. This room's freezing.
ˈfrozen adjective
ˈfreezing-point noun
the temperature at which a liquid becomes solid. The freezing-point of water is 0 centigrade.
freeze up
to stop moving or functioning because of extreme cold. The car engine froze up.
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Adding insulation can help, but if pipes do freeze up and burst, they are not only costly to fix, they could lead to extensive damage if water is not quickly turned off at the main source.
Freeze Up was pulled up on his last start but all canbe forgiven upon his returntoPlumpton.
Freeze Up was pulled up on his last start but all can be forgiven upon his return to Plumpton.