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Noun1.freight agent - an employee of a freight carrier who directs the receipt and delivery of goods
agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
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He was even timid of policemen, freight agents, and conductors, though he was not afraid of them.
The drugs were concealed within a pallet being shipped from Spain to a freight agent in the capital.
Adopting the freight agent model enabled us to accelerate our growth.
Sarhan noted that 15 marketing companies, 2646 fuel stations, 1200 direct clients, 662 freight agent, 102 importers, 12 thousand points, 2500 discharging points and 6968 freight units have been automated.
Laura Freeman, aged 21 from Dunstable, works as a freight agent and is one of those undertaking training in the area of logistics operations management.
Jerome Moore was the local freight agent for the trolleys way back in 1912.
The store also does some profitable freight agent business.
It also announced that its ramp, operations, provisioning and freight agent employees represented by TWU voted to ratify a tentative three-year agreement that was reached last month.
The following jobs are addressed: auto technician; truck driver; bus driver; taxi driver and chauffeur; airport security, baggage, or maintenance worker; cargo freight agent or dispatcher; train track maintenance worker; refuse worker or hauler; water transportation worker; manufacturing equipment worker; manufacturing equipment operator; machinist; chemical technician.
How does an agent in a centralized operation begin to replace the face-to-face service of the local freight agent who used to be located in the office down the street?

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