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n. frenectomía, excisión de un frenillo.
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You also have the option to bring your child to a laser-certified dentist, or oral surgeon who performs a laser-assisted frenectomy.
Although they are used in laser assisted tooth whitening technology (5), soft tissue procedures such as gingivectomy, biopsy, impression troughing, and frenectomy are quite practical while coupled with their bactericidal capabilities.
Dental lasers are used in different treatments, such as laser assisted caries diagnosis and management, restorative dentistry, oral surgeries, periodontitis treatment, pediatric restorative dentistry, frenectomy, endodontics, biostimulation, and others.
Frenectomy: Frenectomy is a procedure done in patients with a high maxillary fermium or lingual fermium attachment that causes midline diastema.
Tissues were obtained during surgical procedures the individuals were already subjected to, such as frenectomy or surgical extraction of impacted teeth.
The case was taken up for excision of the recurrent lesion along with labial frenectomy (Figure 3).
Aesthetic improvements in free gingival graft due to its association with frenectomy.
Early lingual frenectomy assisted by CO2 laser helps prevention and treatment of functional alterations caused by ankyloglossia.
Excision and/or recontouring of gingival hyperplasia Frenectomy
now Rhiannon, 19, has had a lingual frenectomy, where an incision is made in the skin that joins the underside of the tongue to the mouth.
Evaluation of pain perception after frenectomy operations: a comparison of carbon dioxide laser and scalpel techniques.