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n. pl. fren·e·mies Informal
A person who is ostensibly friendly or collegial with someone but who is actually antagonistic or competitive.

[Blend of friend and enemy.]


n, pl -mies
1. a supposed friend who behaves in a treacherous manner
2. a person who is considered as both a friend and a rival
[C20: blend of friend and enemy ]
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After making headlines at the 2015 MTV VMA awards on Sunday (August 30), rapper Nicki Minaj "told" frenemy Miley Cyrus to talk to the ass cos the face is busy making its way to Dubai
What are the odds you'd get stuck with your ex-BF and your frenemy in one class?
To his huge credit, JJ Abrams knocks it out of the park in a terrific movie starring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as the new Captain Kirk and his Romulan frenemy, Spock.
Nerves and impatience lead the Fools into sudden darkness, stranger danger, trouble with the law, and Sir Licksalot's new frenemy.
He is now an official frenemy of Mafia lord Salvatore Maroni (David Zayas).
Lola, of course, and despite the fact that her frenemy, Jan, with the paper for 3 years, has the crime beat, feels compelled to investigate the death of the girl, Judith Calf Looking, who had probably frozen to death, especially when she discovers that she was just the first of a series of young girls who had gone missing from the reservation, many of whom had been drug abusers, over the last year, and only the first to have been seen since they had left.
Starting with a Harvard degree in '97 (never a bad career move), she has acted in dozens of movies and TV shows, co-created a comic book series called Frenemy of the State, worked as a contributing editor to Teen Vogue, and co-written multiple screenplays.
has learnt that Salman Khan jetted into town with his family in tow on Tuesday night, while his frenemy Shah Rukh Khan will jet into town today.
the book would pit Batman and his longtime frenemy Catwoman against Muslim terrorists.
Unlike Nemesis, this body--dubbed Tyche, for "good fortune"--would be more friend than frenemy.
The joy of the Lord has been my strength in this challenging time" your balance could be easily tipped by a frenemy.
Frenemy Films LLC will be soon shooting an independent feature film titled "Broken Silence" in the Worcester area and is looking for people interested in being extras as well as volunteers to work on the film and private homes to shoot in.