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n. pl. fren·e·mies Informal
A person who is ostensibly friendly or collegial with someone but who is actually antagonistic or competitive.

[Blend of friend and enemy.]
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n, pl -mies
1. a supposed friend who behaves in a treacherous manner
2. a person who is considered as both a friend and a rival
[C20: blend of friend and enemy ]
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The final judging panel has not yet been revealed, with the only confirmed judges being Cheryl and her "frenemy" Simon Cowell.
Starting with a Harvard degree in '97 (never a bad career move), she has acted in dozens of movies and TV shows, co-created a comic book series called Frenemy of the State, worked as a contributing editor to Teen Vogue, and co-written multiple screenplays.
Titled Holy Terror, Batman!, the book would pit Batman and his longtime frenemy Catwoman against Muslim terrorists.
Unlike Nemesis, this body--dubbed Tyche, for "good fortune"--would be more friend than frenemy. Tyche's mass would be less, and the planet's orbit more circular, making any interaction with Earth far from catastrophic.
My best friend and my worst enemy; I believe the term is 'frenemy'.
"The joy of the Lord has been my strength in this challenging time" your balance could be easily tipped by a frenemy. Just remember happiness is circumstantial, so when circumstances change you're screwed, unless your JOY comes from God and is your strength.
Frenemy Films LLC will be soon shooting an independent feature film titled "Broken Silence" in the Worcester area and is looking for people interested in being extras as well as volunteers to work on the film and private homes to shoot in.
But, as you know if you have a frenemy (and who doesn't?), you may distrust your frenemy, or worse, on the inside; but to the outside world, and for all practical effects, your frenemy is basically your friend.
Sure, she's had some minor bobbles in the past year, such as her main "frenemy" Fuchsia trying to steal her quarterback boyfriend Brock and the arrival of a "Non-Golden" named Lissy with whom she has a mysterious connection, but they were nothing she couldn't handle.
After receiving well wishes, Nene thanked everyone for reaching out to her and surprised fans when she mentioned her longtime frenemy was one of the many people who offered her support.
Her first client is frenemy Kendall who suspects her heartthrob, TJ Caruso.
Summary: Washington DC [United States] June 27 (ANI): Pakistan is the United States' 'frenemy' and not an ally in war on terror, said a United States security expert on Monday.