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n. frenectomía, excisión de un frenillo.
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The percentage of frenotomy procedures was examined as the primary outcome following implementation of a multidisciplinary feeding team evaluation.
These minor "tether release" or frenotomy surgeries involve a snip, using either sterile scissors or a laser, to loosen the frenulum.
However, those with difficulty with breastfeeding may need a simple surgery (frenotomy) to release the tie.
[1] Frenotomy, or tongue tie division is the treatment for this condition.
Endoscope-assisted frenotomy approach to median upper neck masses: clinical outcomes and safety (from a phase II clinical trial).
Nevertheless, Douglas [14] states that the published studies regarding posterior tongue-tie do not provide clear evidence that the diagnosis of posterior tongue-tie has validity, or that frenotomy is an effective treatment.
After the lesion was excised, an inadequate depth of the vestibule was noted in the same region, thus a decision to perform a frenotomy along with vestibular deepening was made.
currently insufficient for assessing the effects of frenotomy on
We are writing in response to the Clinical Inquiry, "Does frenotomy help infants with tongue-tie overcome breastfeeding difficulties?" by Cawse-Lucas et al (J Fam Pract.
Frenotomy is the simple excisional release of the frenum from the apex of its insertion to its base and to the alveolar process.
SAN DIEGO -- Pediatricians should perform frenotomy to release tongue-tie if an affected baby is struggling to nurse and the mother reports breast pain and trauma as a result, according to Dr.
The authors evaluate recent evidence and attempt to answer two important clinical queries in this area: whether ankyloglossia is associated with breastfeeding difficulties; and whether frenotomy helps mother-baby dyad in such a setting.