frequency-response characteristic

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Noun1.frequency-response characteristic - (electronics) a graph of frequency response with signal amplitude or gain plotted against frequency
electronics - the branch of physics that deals with the emission and effects of electrons and with the use of electronic devices
characterisic function, characteristic curve - (electronics) graph showing how a particular characteristic of a device varies with other parameters
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The frequency-response characteristic of a lumped impedance-peaking circuit ([L.sub.1]) = 7.7 nH, [L.sub.2] = 12.8 nH, [C.sub.2] = 5.3 pF) with a quality factor Q of 20 for the inductances at the fundamental frequency f = 0.5 GHz, and a device output resistance [R.sub.out] of 200 [Omega] and output capacitance [C.sub.out] of 2.2 pF is shown in Figure 4.
The frequency-response characteristic of the microstrip impedance-forming circuit on a substrate with dielectric loss tangent tan [delta] = 0.0001 featuring a device output resistance [R.sub.out] of 50 [Omega] and an output capacitance [C.sub.out] of 2.2 pF, with a characteristic impedance of the microstrip lines [Z.sub.0] of 50 [Omega] and electrical length [[theta].sub.2] of 15[degrees] is shown in Figure 6.
It has been known that the transformation properties of a dynamic system can be expressed in terms of transfer functions and frequency-response characteristics. Those characteristics are exactly what provides the most complete and physical notion of the reactions of the agricultural unit to various perturbations as well as the transient and stable processes of its operation.

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