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1. Occurring or appearing quite often or at close intervals: frequent errors of judgment.
2. Habitual or regular: a frequent visitor to our house.
tr.v. (also frē-kwĕnt′) fre·quent·ed, fre·quent·ing, fre·quents
To pay frequent visits to; be in or at often: frequent a restaurant.

[Middle English, ample, profuse, from Old French, from Latin frequēns, frequent-, crowded, numerous, frequent.]

fre′quen·ta′tion n.
fre·quent′er (-kwĕn′tər) n.
fre′quent·ness n.
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The report also indicated that countries have higher coverage for the frequentness of meals for certain age groups than for the variety in foods taken.
For a multicast group g, the hotness is defined for each forwarding node in the network to evaluate the frequentness that the node is selected into multicast tree.
A rating of 1 to 10 is typically used to rate the severity of the root causes for the failure on the network performance and the frequentness of occurrence.

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