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Noun1.fresh foods - food that is not preserved by canning or dehydration or freezing or smokingfresh foods - food that is not preserved by canning or dehydration or freezing or smoking
solid food, food - any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment; "food and drink"
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After a few days, the affair began to be forgotten, as most affairs are, when wonder, having no fresh food to support it, dies away of itself.
'But no letters can pass between us here,' said she, 'without giving fresh food for scandal; and when I departed, I had intended that my new abode should be unknown to you as to the rest of the world; not that I should doubt your word if you promised not to visit me, but I thought you would be more tranquil in your own mind if you knew you could not do it, and likely to find less difficulty in abstracting yourself from me if you could not picture my situation to your mind.
When the two Musketeers had entered; when the door was closed behind them; when the buzzing murmur of the antechamber, to which the summons which had been made had doubtless furnished fresh food, had recommenced; when M.
To walk with Katharine in the flesh would either feed that phantom with fresh food, which, as all who nourish dreams are aware, is a process that becomes necessary from time to time, or refine it to such a degree of thinness that it was scarcely serviceable any longer; and that, too, is sometimes a welcome change to a dreamer.
"The retail industry has been crystal clear in its communications with Government over the past 36 months that the availability of fresh foods will be impacted as a result of checks and delays at the border.
Responding to the claims made by Mr Gove on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, a spokesman for the British Retail Consortium (BRC) said it is "impossible to mitigate it fully as neither retailers nor consumers can stockpile fresh foods".
Taylor Farms is a North American producer of salads and healthy fresh foods.
plans to sell fresh foods brand Bolthouse Farms to a group led by former Bolthouse Chief Executive Officer Jeff Dunn for $500 million, The Wall Street Journal reports.
This article explains what modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) means to the poultry industry and how it meets the quality demands of modern consumers for fresh foods.
"The South Suburban Center improves access to fresh foods like dairy products and vegetables and helps our partner agencies get fresh food and other staples to their clients more efficiently, especially in those areas we've determined to be high-need."