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Adj.1.fresh-cut - cut recently; "fresh-cut flowers"
fresh - recently made, produced, or harvested; "fresh bread"; "a fresh scent"; "fresh lettuce"
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Precisely in the middle of the quadrangle were placed perpendicularly in the ground, a hundred or more slender, fresh-cut poles, stripped of their bark, and decorated at the end with a floating pennon of white tappa; the whole being fenced about with a little picket of canes.
"Flour cakes of the best, twelve in number, two feet across and soaked in rum, shall be yours on the instant, and two hundred pounds weight of fresh-cut young sugar-cane therewith.
She saw a tall, broad-shouldered man riding in from distant fields; she saw herself waiting to greet him with an armful of fresh-cut roses from the bushes which flanked the little rustic gate before her.
The fire was laid, candles in the candelabra, refreshments upon the table, books scattered about, fresh-cut flowers in the vases.
"When it comes to fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, we continuously work to develop innovative packaging with consumer trends in mind," Christou says.
FDA issued two draft guidance documents to help farmers and fresh-cut produce processors better understand what they need to do to meet requirements established by the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).
Fresh-cut vegetables, or minimally processed vegetables, are convenient for consumers while maintaining a high level of nutrients and a good taste [1].
Fresh-Cut Fruits and Vegetables: Technology, Physiology, and Safety
Given the above, this research aimed to analyze and compare the nutritional and physicochemical quality of fresh and fresh-cut carrot.
The fresh-cut fruit and vegetable industry has expanded rapidly during the past decade due to the convenience and nutrition that fresh-cut produce offers to consumers.
Fresh-cut peppers are handy for snacking and in reducing meal-preparation time for consumers.