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Noun1.freshwater mussel - bivalve mollusk abundant in rivers of central United Statesfreshwater mussel - bivalve mollusk abundant in rivers of central United States
mussel - marine or freshwater bivalve mollusk that lives attached to rocks etc.
pearly-shelled mussel - the pearly lining of the dark shells is a source of mother-of-pearl
thin-shelled mussel - mussel with thin fragile shells having only rudimentary hinge teeth
Dreissena polymorpha, zebra mussel - inch long mollusk imported accidentally from Europe; clogs utility inlet pipes and feeds on edible freshwater mussels
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers have discovered that 6000-years-ago people across Europe shared a cultural tradition of using freshwater mussel shells to craft ornaments.
The greatest number of freshwater mussel species on the continent is centralized in the Southeast, particularly, between the NRB of Tennessee and the Warrior Basin of Alabama (Bogan 2006).
Lampsilis cariosa had moderately low genetic diversity indices at the COI locus and low haplotype diversity when compared to more common freshwater mussel taxa.
Freshwater mussel stocks declined in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as a result of brazen, point-source river pollution and large-scale disruptions from dam, reservoir, and channelization projects.
It represents real hope that substantial numbers of the molluscs can be reintroduced to bolster these important freshwater mussel populations.
Members of the American Fisheries Society present a guide for natural resource professionals who investigate fish and freshwater mussel kills and assess monetary damages of such events.
Exploitation trajectory of a declining fauna: a century of freshwater mussel fisheries in North America.
Quadrula aurea is a freshwater mussel (Mollusca: Unionidae) species endemic to the waters of central Texas with a subrectangular to broadly elliptical or oblong, moderately thick shell (Howells et al., 1996; Howells, 2014).
Uptake and body distribution of chlorinated phenolic in the freshwater mussel, Anodonta atina L.
"If we can maintain healthy diverse freshwater mussel communities in our rivers, then we know we are doing a good job of protecting water quality too, and clean water is important to us all."