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 (frā-nĕl′), Augustin Jean 1788-1827.
French physicist who supported the wave theory of light, investigated polarized light, and developed a compound lens for use in lighthouses.
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(French frɛnɛl)
(Biography) Augustin Jean (oɡystɛ̃ ʒɑ̃). 1788–1827, French physicist: worked on the interference of light, contributing to the wave theory of light


(ˈfreɪnɛl; French frɛnɛl)
(Units) a unit of frequency equivalent to 1012 hertz
[C20: named after Augustin Jean Fresnel (1788–1827), French physicist]
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(frəˈnɛl, freɪ-)

a unit of frequency equal to 1012 cycles per second.
[1935–40; after Augustin Jean Fresnel (1788–1827), French physicist]
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Noun1.Fresnel - French physicist who invented polarized light and invented the Fresnel lens (1788-1827)
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First, Babinet's principle and the number of Fresnel zones is exposed.
Fresnel has more than 20 years of professional experience from the hotel, restaurant and higher education sectors.
The sunlight and thermal energy collection method adopted in MHPS's CSP system is a proprietary hybrid system combining a low-temperature Fresnel evaporator which collects sunlight while changing the angles of multiple mirror surfaces arranged on a plane, and a tower-type superheater which collects sunlight by heliostats.
The Mew Island apparatus, a rare hyper-radial Fresnel lens, will become the latest attraction in the historic district.
The evaluation consists of trials of different types of prism systems, including Fresnel, Gottlieb, Onufryk, and Eli Peli.
Alsolen, a French manufacturer of solar power plants, will exhibit its thermodynamic power plant using Fresnel mirror technology at the upcoming World Future Energy Summit (WFES) trade show in Abu Dhabi.
15] and references within) thermal measurements (such as differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and thermal mechanical analysis (TMA)), dielectric analysis (DEA), nuclear magnetic resonance, dynamic mechanical analysis, ultrasonic techniques and optical measurements (by infrared or Raman spectroscopy, grating-based optical fiber sensors (OFS) and Fresnel refrac to meters).
A Short Bright Flash: Augustin Fresnel and the Birth of the Modern Lighthouse
In 1960s, Giovanni Francica (Italy) firstly applied linear Fresnel reflector (LFR) for development of linear and two-axis tracking Fresnel steam generating system [2, 3].
A short bright flash; Augustin Fresnel and the birth of the modern lighthouse.
A Fresnel zone plate (FZP) is an important optical element with light collecting properties and it has many applications in the visible light, millimeter waves, extreme-UV, and x-ray domain regions [1-6].
Clinton, recently treated for a blood clot near her brain after a fall, wore the Fresnel lens to aid her left eye during the Benghazi hearing.