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Readily crumbled; brittle: friable asbestos insulation.

[Latin friābilis, from friāre, to crumble.]

fri′a·bil′i·ty n.


the condition of being easily crumbled or pulverized.
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Noun1.friability - excessive breakableness
breakableness - the consistency of something that breaks under pressure


[ˌfraɪəˈbɪlɪtɪ] n (frm) → friabilità
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Considering many of the "traditional" tests for solid dosage forms (hardness, friability, and disintegration, along with loss on drying, all off-line), with these monitors we would have control and the required measurements.
Reference values for the briquetting friability classification are: extremely friable (loss > 30%), averagely friable (loss between 20 to 30%), somewhat friable (loss between 10 to 19%) and slightly friable (loss < 10%).
Mannogem Mannitol is a strong and durable binder that exhibits high compactibility and low friability.The products dissolve rapidly and can increase the rate of tablet disintegration and drug release.
The friability and bulk density of the material are also major factors that affect power requirements.
It is characterized by vaginal and urethral erosions and tissue friability. When an affected woman urinates, the acid urine gains exposure to the underlying subendothelial tissue, causing inflammation and irritation that prevent the urethra from closing properly.
Various endoscopic findings, such as erosions, ulcerations, mucosal friability, thickened mucosal folds, or even submucosal hematoma, are present in gastrointestinal amyloidosis (13,14).
The following instruments were used for the experiments: analytical balance (Mettler Toledo, Switzerland), hardness tester (Schleuniger, 2E/205, Switzerland), friability tester (ERWEKA, TAR 20, Germany), disintegration apparatus (CALEVA, G.B.
The chewing gum tablets, shown in Table 2, were subjected to weight variation test ast uniformity of mass and drug content, tablet breaking force/hardness and friability determination.
Soil friability for each field plot was estimated from the variation of Y and [E.sub.sp] in relation to their means respectively (Watts and Dexter 1998):