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Readily crumbled; brittle: friable asbestos insulation.

[Latin friābilis, from friāre, to crumble.]

fri′a·bil′i·ty n.


the condition of being easily crumbled or pulverized.
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Noun1.friability - excessive breakableness
breakableness - the consistency of something that breaks under pressure


[ˌfraɪəˈbɪlɪtɪ] n (frm) → friabilità
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Many have legacy systems to analyze properties such as tablet hardness, tablet coating adhesion, gelatin capsule strength, diametrical tablet compression and granule friability (compression), among others.
Through the testing, Hydrobond was shown to improve mulling times and efficiencies, resulting in higher green strength, lower moisture contents, higher green tensile strength, lower sand friability and lower dry strength.
Testing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry includes: tablet dissolution testers, disintegration testers, friability and abrasion testers, hardness testers, combination testers, suppository testers, granulate testers, all purpose equipment, tablet presses and production machines for small batch production.
In their paper, "Effect of Temperature on the Friability of Silicon Carbide in the Cupola," (03-038) A.
Plots of the friability, hardness, tensile strength, dissolution and disintegration and ejection can easily be presented as a function of the compression forces.
Water tempered sands are highly susceptible to evaporation, which has a dramatic impact on the friability of the mold surface.
Tooling manufacturers work closely with their customers to provide punches that will produce tablets with the desired physical characteristics such as shape, embossed features, thickness, weight, hardness, and friability.
This technology is used to form standard sand specimens for a variety of sand laboratory tests, including permeability, green and dry compression, splitting strength, friability, cone jolt toughness and wet tensile strength.
Shape, size, surface, porosity, density, hardness and friability of pellets obtained by powder layering are different from those of minitablets obtained by granulate compaction.
It is used to run the compactability test on sand specimens as well as to form standard specimens for a variety of other sand tests including permeability, green and dry compression, splitting and shear strength, friability, cone jolt toughness and wet tensile strength.
Brochure features a complete line of tablet testing equipment; included are dissolution testing, automation, and testing machines; automated disintegration machines, tablet hardness testing equipment, friability testing equipment, suppository testing machines, pulver and drop testing equipment and dissolution accessories.
The problem with drawing pockets was due to brittle sand from excessive core sand dilution, Friability and cone jolt toughness tests confirmed this problem.