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n. pl. fri·ar·ies
A monastery of friars.


n, pl -aries
(Ecclesiastical Terms) Christianity a convent or house of friars


(ˈfraɪ ə ri)

n., pl. -ar•ies.
a monastery of friars.
[1300–50; Middle English frari < Anglo-French, Old French frairie, frarie; see friar, -y3]


 a convent or brotherhood of friars, 1538.
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Noun1.friary - a monastery of friarsfriary - a monastery of friars    
monastery - the residence of a religious community


[ˈfraɪərɪ] Nmonasterio m


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Devised by city guide and former city council leader Tony Flynn, the route visits religious buildings and sites, including friaries, parish churches and cathedrals and explores the political, economic and religious implications of the Reformation in Newcastle.
When Brother Mark traveled to Franciscan friaries in Europe, he admired impressive murals on the walls.
O Clabaigh has drawn on the work of generations of scholars who have sought out and published records relating to the friars in Ireland, ferreted out unpublished materials, and produced what is likely to be the definitive book on the mendi-cant orders in Ireland from their advent in the early thirteenth century to the dissolution of many of their friaries by Henry VIII.