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Adj.1.frictionless - lacking all friction; "a perpetual motion machine would have to be frictionless"
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By contrast the PM admits that because she is seeking a deal outside a customs union, frictionless trade between the UK and the EU will not be possible.
Britain is due to leave the~European Union in March 2019, and one of the thorniest issues is the future of the currently frictionless border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, a province of the UK.
Mr Tusk used a speech in Brussels to pour cold water on Mrs May's hopes of achieving a Brexit deal which will allow trade to be "as frictionless as possible".
THE UK's food and farming industry is calling on the Government to maintain free and frictionless trade with the EU.
Murthy Veeraghanta, chair and CEO of VSoft, said, 'End users desire two things when accessing applications: a frictionless experience and security.
It will utilise strategic systems integration, predictive intelligence, and new operational models with the intention of providing more frictionless operations for automotive dealers, while delivering more frictionless experiences for dealership customers.
Lawsky and Will will play central roles in Ripple's mission to achieve frictionless cross-border payments through the increased use of the digital asset XRP by financial institutions around the world.
Koepp will share insights into todays fast-changing buying climate and how manufacturers can create frictionless buying experiences that accommodate their customers requirements for transparent pricing and omnichannel selling.
THE UK Government's proposals for the "freest and most frictionless trade possible" with the EU post-Brexit have been described as a "red-tape bombshell for British business".
Scott was on the team that originally patented open-ended subscription payments with internet visionaries Michael Loeb and Jay Walker," Michele Tivey said, "Now, as subscriptions evolve into even more frictionless commerce, Scott has designed the upgrade to enable payments processing systems to evolve along with it.
Cloudtag, the company that brings accurate data and personalization to the health, wellbeing, and fitness markets, and imec, the nanoelectronics research center, have presented the first results of their collaboration on accurate frictionless wearable health solutions.
Fully integrated with Freecharge wallet, this new feature gives customers the added benefit of a single click view for recharge plans and recharge history for repeat users to make online transactions truly seamless while enjoying a frictionless shopping experience on Snapdeal.