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Variant of fryer.


(Cookery) a variant spelling of fryer


or fri•er

(ˈfraɪ ər)

1. something, as a young chicken, to be cooked by frying.
2. a pan for frying foods.
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Noun1.frier - flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for fryingfrier - flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for frying
chicken, poulet, volaille - the flesh of a chicken used for food
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George Frier, a partner with law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn, who advised on the Loch Lomond Deal says: "Scotch whisky has had a great run, the contribution to the GDP of the UK let alone Scotland is absolutely massive.
Frier and White wrote this textbook in response to a curricular reform that reduced first-year Contracts from a course of five or six hours to a four-hour course, and they could not squeeze material from standard textbooks into the shorter course.
Snap (SNAP) CEO Evan Spiegel promoted the well-liked Kristen O'Hara to Chief Business Officer only to change his mind two days later, Sarah Frier of Bloomberg reports, citing people familiar with the matter.
and Dollie (Arnold) Frier. Virginia married Carl J.
...II Flakes, Highters Heath Flakes, Moseley THE president of the National Fish Friers Federation recently told me that even potatoes from the same field can require different skills from an expert, wide-awake frier.
Battered, but not bruised, Chelmund's Fish and Chips in Chelmsley Wood will start trading again after hiring a new frier.
BRITAIN'S first community-run chip shop has been forced to close after less than two weeks following the sudden resignation of its manager and frier.
Magda Ganea of the Real Food Cafe INTYNDRUM has been recognised as the top fish frier in Scotland.
A FISH and chip shop worker is in the running to be the UK's best young frier.
Rachel Tweedale's, nomination in the Red Ribbon Awards recognises her achievements throughout her year as Drywite Young Fish Frier of 2015 and marks her as someone within the industry who is destined for success.
Editors and comic artists Nechama Frier and Ten Van Winkle are proud to unveil this graphic novel anthology featuring twenty-two creators presenting sixteen psychological shorts focused on the theme "antagonist as protagonist." The all-star team includes established creators such as Meg Gandy (Godsend), Sarah Winifred Searle (Fresh Romance, Smut Peddler), Jenn Doyle (Knights Errant), Hannah Krieger (Camodad), and debuts many other talented artists and writers.