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Variant of fryer.


(Cookery) a variant spelling of fryer


or fri•er

(ˈfraɪ ər)

1. something, as a young chicken, to be cooked by frying.
2. a pan for frying foods.
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Noun1.frier - flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for fryingfrier - flesh of a medium-sized young chicken suitable for frying
chicken, poulet, volaille - the flesh of a chicken used for food
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Magda Ganea of the Real Food Cafe INTYNDRUM has been recognised as the top fish frier in Scotland.
HARRISBURG -- Wanda Louise Frier, 89, formerly of Harrisburg, went to be with her Lord and Savior at 6:15 p.
A FISH and chip shop worker is in the running to be the UK's best young frier.
Rachel Tweedale's, nomination in the Red Ribbon Awards recognises her achievements throughout her year as Drywite Young Fish Frier of 2015 and marks her as someone within the industry who is destined for success.
Editors and comic artists Nechama Frier and Ten Van Winkle are proud to unveil this graphic novel anthology featuring twenty-two creators presenting sixteen psychological shorts focused on the theme "antagonist as protagonist.
Cutrale-Safra express their appreciation to Lonergan and Frier for their leadership of Chiquita and wish them well in their next endeavors.
Sue Frier, who uses a wheelchair, has been living in a two-storey house for two years.
A NORTH East fish frier has won a national competition for her skills.
Japanese retailer Hankyu Hanshin Department Stores invited the frier, who hails from Stonehaven, home of the deep fried Mars bar, to take part in its annual British Fair after he racked up more than 20 awards for his food.
CARDIFF'S own Young Fish Frier of the Year met the Prince of Wales to share his vision for a sustainable chippy industry.
Earlier Kellogg and Gail Emms lost the women's doubles to second seeds Kamilla Rytter Juhl and Lena Frier Kristiansen of Denmark 21-18, 21-18 in the opening final of the afternoon.
Frier (Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh) and Fisher (Glasgow Royal Infirmary) introduce 14 chapters that examine normal glucose metabolism, risk and protective factors for hypoglycemia, and its physiological and psychosocial consequences.