frigate bird

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also frigate bird  (frĭg′ĭt-bûrd′)
Any of various tropical seabirds of the genus Fregata that have long powerful wings, dark plumage, and a hooked beak and characteristically snatch food from other birds in flight. Also called man-o'-war bird.

frigate bird

(Animals) any bird of the genus Fregata and family Fregatidae, of tropical and subtropical seas, having a long bill with a downturned tip, a wide wingspan, and a forked tail: order Pelecaniformes (pelicans, cormorants, etc). Also called: man-of-war bird

frig′ate bird`

or frig′ate•bird`,

any of several long-winged, fork-tailed seabirds of the family Fregatidae, of tropical oceans, noted for snatching prey from other birds in flight.
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Noun1.frigate bird - long-billed warm-water seabird with wide wingspan and forked tailfrigate bird - long-billed warm-water seabird with wide wingspan and forked tail
pelecaniform seabird - large fish-eating seabird with four-toed webbed feet
Fregata, genus Fregata - type genus of the Fregatidae
References in classic literature ?
You are like a frigate bird swooping down upon the boobies and robbing them of the fish they have caught.
OMG" birds included a tri-colored heron at Illinois Beach State Park and a magnificent frigate bird over Channel Lake in Antioch.
The next drift we picked up a frigate bird, and Pepe saw another explosion.
A red-footed booby, in Genovesa A frigate bird chick, still on the nest A curious sealion pup on Rabida island A flightless cormorant on Fernandina
In 1962, the United States launched a ballistic missile with a live warhead in what was known as the Frigate Bird test.
Granted the amazing species I was lucky enough to see there were exceptionally photogenic --the comical blue-footed booby, ungainly but endearing giant albatross chicks and the mind-blowing great frigate bird amongst others.
And the pristine island of Barbuda is home to the largest frigate bird sanctuary in the Caribbean, in Codrington Lagoon National Park, with more than 170 bird species.
A A corsair ship B A dish made from salt cod C A frigate bird D A marine creature QUESTION 6 - for 6 points: Which fruit bears the same name as a French town and a South African river?
Both frigate bird species were regularly seen patrolling over the island in December, with more than 20 individuals being seen together on a number of occasions.
Once owned and operated by a single sugar producing English family, the Godringtons, Barbuda today is a world heritage protected frigate bird sanctuary.
If birding is more your style, come during the mating season (Feb to Apr) of the Frigate Bird.
After the frigate bird they spent a long time looking at iguanas.