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also frigate bird  (frĭg′ĭt-bûrd′)
Any of various tropical seabirds of the genus Fregata that have long powerful wings, dark plumage, and a hooked beak and characteristically snatch food from other birds in flight. Also called man-o'-war bird.
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(3) These includes psittacid herpesvirus (PsHV)-2, parakeet herpesvirus, Amazon tracheitis herpesvirus, toucan herpesvirus, finch cytomegalovirus, and magnificent frigatebird herpesvirus.
also reported in June of a rare sighting of a Christmas frigatebird, a globally threatened species, while conducting a study at the Apo Reef Natural Park.
The recent sighting of a Christmas frigatebird (Fregata andrewsi) in the Apo Reef Natural Park (ARNP) shows that public awareness on the conservation of the endangered species has been yielding positive results.
One of the world's critically endangered seabirds, the Christmas Frigatebird, was spotted for the first time at Apo Reef Natural Park (ARNP) in Sablayan town in Occidental Mindoro province, the third record of the species in the Philippines outside of the Sulu Sea.
Three individuals of magnificent frigatebird from the Cagarras' Archipelago population were tracked by GPS equipment attached to them.
Abd Elgawad et al., "Oxidative stress biomarkers are associated with visible clinical signs of a disease in frigatebird nestlings," Scientific Reports, vol.
While swimming in the bath-warm Caribbean waters, I'm amazed to see a frigatebird as large as a pterodactyl circling above, before flying off to play-fight with its friends.
His cheerful stylized images of the red knot, king eider, frigatebird and, in a nod to his time in Sarasota, the roseate spoonbill, are imprinted on a whopping 6 million postcards.
From graceful frigatebird that can nap while soaring in the air, to the hibernating grizzly bear, horses that sleep while standing up, and the dolphin whose brain is half asleep and half awake, these amazing animal facts may astound adults as well as little ones.
Catch Great Frigatebird soaring from the cliffs in the north of the island, or spot the enigmatic Seychelles Magpie Robin -- once deemed the rarest bird in the world.
To cut a long story short, as the original, but four-bladed rotor Schweitzer 330-based drone came to maturity, two factors came into play to force the bird to grow from sparrow to frigatebird: first the fact that Sikorsky warned that production of the Schweitzer 330 (originally a turbine-powered version of the Hughes 300) was being terminated, and secondly the US Navy's quest for longer range in 2009.
But since the last of the cats was trapped in Cricket Valley on the far east of the island in 2006, boobies have begun to return, and there's a single nest of the endemic Ascension frigatebird.