frighten off

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Verb1.frighten off - cause to lose courage; "dashed by the refusal"
intimidate, restrain - to compel or deter by or as if by threats
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The porters lighted torches now and waved them upon either hand to frighten off the beasts of prey.
We then retraced our steps for our meat being convinced by our own experience that those aboard the U-33 had been able to frighten off this party with a single shell--but when we came to where we had left the deer it had disappeared.
Only Spitz quivered and bristled as he staggered back and forth, snarling with horrible menace, as though to frighten off impending death.
"They listened intently to the reading before devising their very own'scary potion'to frighten off a gruesome giant.
She told magistrates: "He felt it was disgusting that he spat on the ground and got the knife to frighten off the young man."
And Christiansen hopes the Championship side's valuation of the former West Brom ace will frighten off his suitors.
She admits that her formidable reputation can frighten off prospective suitors, and is hoping to find someone who won't 'run a mile - it's happened before!' EastEnders bad boy Richard Blackwood is also searching for someone special.
But that won't frighten off Sheffield United, who want Coady, 21, back at Bramall Lane, following his successful season on loan with the Blades.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Elastic 9 Avian 10 Anise 11 One-time 12 Goo 13 Takeaway 16 Adorable 17 Ire 19 Vertigo 21 On air 22 Tibia 23 Kittens DOWN: 1 Derange 2 Marigold 3 Stye 4 Lacerate 5 Kiwi 6 Index 8 Chock-a-block 13 Terminal 14 Agitates 15 Regress 18 Evita 20 Robe 21 Oath QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Frighten off 8 See 9 Rap 11 Trainer 12 Drama 13 End 14 Yet 15 Whooped 17 Pip 19 Itch 21 Army 23 Gene 25 Bile 27 Err 29 Pet hate 31 Nun 34 Rum 36 Unite 37 Sincere 38 Sin 39 Ago 40 Temperature DOWN: 1 Fern 2 Read 3 Gingham 4 Terror 5 Nudge 6 Fray 7 Fame 8 Steep 10 Patch 16 Din 18 Pal 20 Tee 22 Rep 24 Extinct 25 Bonus 26 Chaser 28 Romeo 30 Eye up 32 Unit 33 Nine 34 Rear 35 Urge
Both girls began screaming which proved enough to frighten off the attacker who fled in the direction of Allesley Old Road.
According to the Sun, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy has slapped a record 100 million-pound price tag on Bale, hoping that the mind-boggling sum will frighten off the chasing pack, which includes Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.
Guilty: David Craig Burnie But following a confrontation at Alwen on the estate, Burnie, 23, went into his home, re-emerged with a knife, and later claimed it was to frighten off those who had gathered outside the house.