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1. Extremely cold. See Synonyms at cold.
2. Lacking warmth of feeling.
3. Stiff and formal in manner: a frigid refusal to a request.
4. Showing little or no enthusiasm: Scientists gave the new theory a frigid reception.
5. Often Offensive Lacking sexual desire or unwilling to engage in sexual activity. Used especially of women.

[Latin frīgidus, cold, from frīgus, the cold.]

fri·gid′i·ty (frĭ-jĭd′ĭ-tē), frig′id·ness n.
frig′id·ly adv.
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Adv.1.frigidly - without warmth or enthusiasm; "`Come in if you have to,' he said frostily"
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bidende koldtkøligt


[ˈfrɪdʒɪdlɪ] adv (see n) → freddamente, frigidamente
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(ˈfridʒid) adjective
1. cold and unemotional. He behaves in a frigid manner.
2. frozen. the frigid zones of the world (= the Arctic and Antarctic).
ˈfrigidly adverb
friˈgidity noun
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References in classic literature ?
"You might wait for an invitation," I retorted frigidly.
"Certainly that is most in accord with your own principles," replied Milady, frigidly.
"Well, we're not in America," said Philip frigidly.
Alexey Alexandrovitch bowed frigidly, and kissing his wife's hand, asked how she was.
A laugh frigidly jeering; a look lazily mutinous; gentlemanlike irony, patrician resentment.
"We were playing Elaine" explained Anne frigidly, without even looking at her rescuer, "and I had to drift down to Camelot in the barge--I mean the flat.
You must bow down before mediocrity, frigidly polite mediocrity which you despise--and obey.
He scanned their faces an instant for traces of the scene that had followed his separation from them, but the marquise seemed neither more nor less frigidly grand than usual, and Valentin was kissing ladies' hands with at least his habitual air of self-abandonment to the act.
Ere her limbs frigidly Stiffen too rigidly, Decently, -- kindly, -- Smooth and compose them; And her eyes, close them, Staring so blindly!
Randolph has gone to bed!" the courier announced frigidly.
The box office had been frigidly cold coming into the weekend with ticket sales down 26 percent, according to Comscore.