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1. Extremely cold. See Synonyms at cold.
2. Lacking warmth of feeling.
3. Stiff and formal in manner: a frigid refusal to a request.
4. Showing little or no enthusiasm: Scientists gave the new theory a frigid reception.
5. Often Offensive Lacking sexual desire or unwilling to engage in sexual activity. Used especially of women.

[Latin frīgidus, cold, from frīgus, the cold.]

fri·gid′i·ty (frĭ-jĭd′ĭ-tē), frig′id·ness n.
frig′id·ly adv.
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Noun1.frigidness - sexual unresponsiveness (especially of women) and inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse
deadness, unresponsiveness - the quality of being unresponsive; not reacting; as a quality of people, it is marked by a failure to respond quickly or with emotion to people or events; "she began to recover from her numb unresponsiveness after the accident"; "in an instant all the deadness and withdrawal were wiped away"
2.frigidness - the absence of heat; "the coldness made our breath visible"; "come in out of the cold"; "cold is a vasoconstrictor"
pressor, vasoconstrictive, vasoconstrictor - any agent that causes a narrowing of an opening of a blood vessel: cold or stress or nicotine or epinephrine or norepinephrine or angiotensin or vasopressin or certain drugs; maintains or increases blood pressure
temperature - the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment (corresponding to its molecular activity)
chill, gelidity, iciness - coldness due to a cold environment
chilliness, coolness - the property of being moderately cold; "the chilliness of early morning"
frostiness - coldness as evidenced by frost
cool - the quality of being at a refreshingly low temperature; "the cool of early morning"
3.frigidness - a lack of affection or enthusiasm; "a distressing coldness of tone and manner"
emotionlessness, unemotionality - absence of emotion
stone - a lack of feeling or expression or movement; "he must have a heart of stone"; "her face was as hard as stone"
lukewarmness, tepidness - lack of passion, force or animation
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One can certainly assume that whenever they looked at their watches they had flashes of images about the predicament faced by their fellow climbers in the frigidness of Nanga Parbat which could go to minus 60 degrees Celsius below freezing point.
While these configure Hitchcock's strange depiction of Marnie, he also insists on pathologising her as a woman whose kleptomania and frigidness are indicative of psychosis.
Puiu has suggested the title "Aurora" can be seen as the flipside of Murnau's "Sunrise," offering a frigidness that provides no humanity, where Murnau gave the warm hopefulness of a new beginning.