fringe area

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fringe′ ar`ea

an area in which radio or television reception is weak or distorted.
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Russian scientists helped in laying the foundation of agriculture in the deserts of Thar, which brought about a change in the agriculture farming in nearby areas including fringe area of Punjab.
Bitcoin vaulted last year from a fringe area of Wall Street interest to the most talked-about asset in the financial world.
There's the dynamic Sligo sessions, The Arrivals emerging artist's strand, a unique 3-stage festival club, a food trail and a festival fringe area.
Some specific topics are monitoring of thermal degradation in fireproof coating, micro-macro characterization of granular materials, and low-carbon land use patterns, and urban fringe area planning.
Fluent in both the spoken and written English, Mandarin and Cantonese languages, Millie specializes in commercial property sales and leasing in the Auckland, New Zealand's CBD and city fringe area.
Create a horseshoe section from one side of the fringe area all the way around to the other.
Hanger notes that Alberta is a good bet for a buck of a lifetime as well, but deer densities are typically lower than the fringe area of Saskatchewan, where the farm country melts into the vast woods to the north.
She used a razor on the fringe area to give better shape and definition to the cut to frame Lindsay's face before drying with a large round brush and finishing off with irons and Tigi's Camera Ready to fix the style in place.
His center has already launched a pilot project to protect the students using a growing, but fringe area of the campus, located in the town of Greenville.
The study site in the urban fringe area was characterised by high levels of public housing.
Secure hair from the fringe area in two large Velcro rollers on top of the head rolling away from the face.