fringed pink

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Noun1.fringed pink - low wiry-stemmed branching herb or southern California having fringed pink flowersfringed pink - low wiry-stemmed branching herb or southern California having fringed pink flowers
phlox - any polemoniaceous plant of the genus Phlox; chiefly North American; cultivated for their clusters of flowers
genus Linanthus, Linanthus - a genus of herbs of the family Polemoniaceae; found in western United States
2.fringed pink - Eurasian perennial pink having fragrant lilac or rose flowers with deeply fringed margins
garden pink, pink - any of various flowers of plants of the genus Dianthus cultivated for their fragrant flowers
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Soft cotton tassel pouffe, PS187.55, Ava teal fringed cushion, PS45, Ferm Living Safari Lion cushion, PS49, Cloudberry Living Bloomingville gold table lamp with white fringe lampshade, was PS105, now PS70.35, Left: Safi rringed souk yellow rug, from PS54.99, from *Prices correct at time of going to press Above: Yellow tasselled throw, PS48, Below: Astor Maxi Fringed sofa, was PS1,875, now PS1499, Barker and Stonehouse Above: Fabulous fringed pink armchair, PS1,895, Rockett St George Above: Black boho pendant light shade, PS9.95, Melody Maison Above: Zulu easy fit lamp shade, PS25, Matalan
Following suit, Holly shared a photo of herself in a glamorous fringed pink dancing dress to Instagram, writing: "Aggghhh!!!
Try the fringed pink Loropetalum chinense 'Fire Dance' with 'Siskiyou Pink' gaura.