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adj. frisk·i·er, frisk·i·est
Energetic, lively, and playful: a frisky kitten.

frisk′i·ly adv.
frisk′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.friskily - in a playfully frisky manner; "he moves about friskily despite his age"
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fjörlega, líflega


(frisk) verb
to jump about playfully. The lambs are frisking in the fields.
ˈfrisky adjective
ˈfriskily adverb
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Stravinsky's Bach-derived Dumbarton Oaks chamber concerto was taut and springy in delivery, and Marie-Christine Zupancic's flute gambolled friskily in the coquettish middle movement.
Hailed as the new, if scruffy, prince of Hollywood, he delighted young viewers with his friskily idiosyncratic portrayals, with which they identified completely.
There was good delineation dynamically between the other worldly sections and dramatic moments of the opening movement, while the scherzo whipped along friskily under Petrenko's baton, the Phil making light work of the aural illusion created by its regular downbeats.
Heartbreak's Pride and Prejudice is billed as a fresh and contemporary adaptation of the Austen classic, although fans of the author will tell you her words always leap friskily off the page even after all these years.
With many euphoric moments of utter jubiliation, the film's stronghold is Madhuri and Juhi with individually mettlesome performances and the friskily excitable chemistry together.
It was an absolute joy to watch him friskily making his way around the parade ring before the Tingle Creek at Sandown on Saturday.