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n. pl. frit·il·lar·ies
1. Any of various bulbous plants of the genus Fritillaria of the lily family, having nodding, variously colored, often spotted or checkered flowers.
2. Any of various nymphalid butterflies with wings that are orange or brown with black markings on the upper side and often with silver spots on the underside.

[New Latin Fritillāria, genus name, from Latin fritillus, dice-box, container for shaking dice (erroneously taken as meaning "checkerboard") : frit-, perhaps imitative of the sound of dice being shaken + -illus, n. suff.]


n, pl -laries
1. (Plants) Also called: fritillaria any N temperate liliaceous plant of the genus Fritillaria, having purple or white drooping bell-shaped flowers, typically marked in a chequered pattern. See also snake's head
2. (Animals) any of various nymphalid butterflies of the genera Argynnis, Boloria, etc, having brownish wings chequered with black and silver
[C17: from New Latin fritillāria, from Latin fritillus dice box; probably with reference to the spotted markings]


(ˈfrɪt lˌɛr i)

n., pl. -lar•ies.
1. any of several orange-brown nymphalid butterflies having silvery spots on the undersides of the wings and often black borders and dots above.
2. any of various bulbous plants of the genus Fritillaria, of the lily family, having bell-shaped flowers.
[1625–35; < New Latin Fritillaria < Latin fritill(us) dice box]
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Noun1.fritillary - any liliaceous plant of the genus Fritillaria having nodding variously colored flowers
Fritillaria affinis, Fritillaria lanceolata, Fritillaria mutica, rice-grain fritillary, mission bells - herb of northwestern America having green-and-purple bell-shaped flowers
black fritillary, Fritillaria biflora, mission bells - herb of southwestern United States having dark purple bell-shaped flowers mottled with green
Fritillaria agrestis, stink bell - a malodorous California herb with bell-shaped flowers; a common weed in grainfields
crown imperial, Fritillaria imperialis - Eurasian herb with a cluster of leaves and orange-red bell-shaped flowers at the top of the stem
Fritillaria liliaceae, white fritillary - California herb with white conic or bell-shaped flowers usually tinged with green
checkered daffodil, Fritillaria meleagris, guinea-hen flower, leper lily, snake's head fritillary - Eurasian checkered lily with pendant flowers usually veined and checkered with purple or maroon on a pale ground and shaped like the bells carried by lepers in medieval times; widely grown as an ornamental
brown bells, Fritillaria micrantha, Fritillaria parviflora - California herb with brownish-purple or greenish bell-shaped flowers
adobe lily, Fritillaria pluriflora, pink fritillary - California herb with pinkish purple flowers
Fritillaria recurva, scarlet fritillary - western United States herb with scarlet and yellow narrow bell-shaped flowers
bulbous plant - plant growing from a bulb
2.fritillary - butterfly with brownish wings marked with black and silver
brush-footed butterfly, four-footed butterfly, nymphalid, nymphalid butterfly - medium to large butterflies found worldwide typically having brightly colored wings and much-reduced nonfunctional forelegs carried folded on the breast
silverspot - butterfly with silver spots on the underside of the hind wings


n (= butterfly)Perlmutterfalter m
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The high brown fritillary has seen its populations decline by two thirds since the 1970s, due to changes in the way woodlands are managed and more recently because marginal hill land has been abandoned.
Rare species like the marsh fritillary butterfly and willow tit bird have been given a conservation boost today, with Natural England officially recognising the Mid Cornwall Moors as one of the countrys most important wildlife sites.
Joe Lane, head of the energy company's ecology section, said: "The marsh fritillary butterfly is a rare and beautiful creature that we thought had disappeared but now we know to have returned.
The land was bought two years ago by the local council as part of its Mynydd Mawr project, a conservation initiative mitigating the impacts of development in the Cross Hands area on the protected marsh fritillary butterfly and its marshy grassland habitat.
Three species declined significantly - the small pearl bordered fritillary, large heath and grayling.
Other species, including the Essex skipper, white admiral and marsh fritillary all show signs of serious decline in numbers, despite some expanding their ranges.
It had been believed that the figures in the engraving - said to show the poet and playwright holding a fritillary and ear of sweetcorn - were imaginary.
The most abundant butterfly species was the meadow fritillary (Boloria bellona) with 1518 observations.
A herd of Luing cattle has been recruited to graze the land at High House Farm to help safeguard a future for Cumbria's endangered high brown fritillary butterflies by creating the ideal habitat for the rare insects.
Rare species such as the Lulworth skipper, whose numbers were up 162 per cent compared with 2012, and the critically-endangered high brown fritillary, which increased by 133 per cent, benefited from conservation work.
But the site is home to endangered butterflies including the rare marsh fritillary.
CONSERVATIONISTS are celebrating signs of a revival by the small pearl-bordered fritillary in Clocaenog Forest, Denbighshire.