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1. The fused or partially fused materials used in making glass.
2. A vitreous substance used in making porcelain, glazes, or enamels.
tr.v. frit·ted, frit·ting, frits
To make into frit.

[Italian fritta, from feminine past participle of friggere, to fry, from Latin frīgere, to roast, fry.]
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The fritting will provide a combination of transparency and translucency that will give passerby a sense of the activity within the library, while giving a degree of privacy for library occupants.
The goal of the current pulse is to promote fritting during crimp formation.
"The fritting has to be such that the space between dots is no bigger than the palm of your hand," says Bates.
Excavations by the Museum of London in 1989 found the form of a furnace, a fritting oven, frit itself, crucibles, working waste, finished vessels, and other evidence for the manufacturing process of the period.
Fritting and coloured panels are used on other facades in response to activity behind (workspace or circulation).
Solar heat gain from the planar glass skylight is modified by fritting the glass, but it will be interesting to see how the space behaves in full summer (I was there on a quite overcast day in mid-May and it was pretty warm).