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frizz 1

tr. & intr.v. frizzed, frizz·ing, frizz·es
To form or be formed into small tight curls or tufts.
a. The condition of being frizzed.
b. Frizzed hair: "I sat under the dryer for an hour and emerged, roasted, with a tidy pouf of frizz beginning at my ears and going all around my head" (Shirley Abbott).
2. A small tight curl or tuft.

[Alteration (influenced by frizzle) of French friser, from Old French, possibly from frire, fris-, to fry, from Latin frīgere, to roast, fry.]

frizz′er n.

frizz 2

v. frizzed, frizz·ing, frizz·es
To fry or burn with a sizzling noise.
To make a sizzling noise while frying or searing.

[Possibly back-formation from frizzle.]
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[frɪzd] adjcrespo/a
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References in classic literature ?
She would perhaps be hardly characterized enough if it were omitted that she wore her brown hair flatly braided and coiled behind so as to expose the outline of her head in a daring manner at a time when public feeling required the meagreness of nature to be dissimulated by tall barricades of frizzed curls and bows, never surpassed by any great race except the Feejeean.
Why, child, I have frizzed and burnt my hair so that I look like an old maniac with it in its natural state, and have to repair damages as well as I can.
The sea round them clouded and darkened, and then frizzed up in showers of tiny silver fish, and over a space of five or six acres the cod began to leap like trout in May; while behind the cod three or four broad grey-black backs broke the water into boils.