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adj. friz·zi·er, friz·zi·est
Of, relating to, or resembling hair that is tightly curled, especially so as to stand out from the scalp or skin.

friz′zi·ly adv.
friz′zi·ness n.


(ˈfrɪzɪ) or


adj, -zier, -ziest, -zlier or -zliest
(Hairdressing & Grooming) (of the hair) in tight crisp wiry curls
ˈfrizzily adv
ˈfrizziness, ˈfrizzliness n


(ˈfrɪz i)

adj. -zi•er, -zi•est.
formed into small tight curls, as hair; frizzed.
friz′zi•ly, adv.
friz′zi•ness, n.
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Adj.1.frizzy - (of hair) in small tight curls
curly - (of hair) having curls or waves; "they envied her naturally curly hair"


adjective tight-curled, crisp, corrugated, wiry, crimped, frizzed Her hair had a slightly frizzy perm.
kıvırcıkkıvrım kıvrım


[ˈfrɪzɪ] ADJ (frizzier (compar) (frizziest (superl))) [hair] → ensortijado, crespo
to go frizzyensortijarse, encresparse


[ˈfrɪzi] adj [hair] → crépu(e)


adj (+er) hairkraus


[ˈfrɪzɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (hair) → crespo/a
to go frizzy → incresparsi


(friz) verb
to (cause hair to) form a mass of tight curls. The hairdresser frizzed her hair.
ˈfrizzy adjective
(of hair) in very small curls. He had frizzy red hair.
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Great for my hair but maybe not if your hair's frizzy. Fudge stockists: 01282 683100.
Because far from impressing his clients, I suspect they'd run a mile if they thought they were going to end up with a big, brown frizzy pudding like Anne's stuck on the back of their heads.
One new product in particular, a silicon-based professional care treatment for frizzy hair, has been cited by some chains as a shot in the arm for hair care in that it opens up a new category for treatment.
Michael diCesare Argan Oil Frizz Blocker, pounds 27 at Just a few drops of this highly concentrated oil are needed to help boost shine and tame frizzy ends.
/ "On the hair front, Catherine's is gorgeous, glamorous and shiny while Julia's just looks dry, brittle and frizzy. And that orange colour!
has introduced two products to its Frizz-Ease line of treatments for people with frizzy hair.
One minute she's all blue, the next she's letting her hair go frizzy and sporting a moustache.
Cool Dip Refreshing Shampoo, pounds 4.25, contains a formula to stop hair from becoming frizzy or puffy, and Smooth Sailing Detangling Conditioner, pounds 4.25, will re-nourish sun-dried hair.
Thank God Tony and his entourage have better things to think about than the PM's wrinkles and frizzy hair.
Michael diCesare Argan Oil Serum Frizz Blocker, pounds 27 at Only a few drops of the highly-concentrated oil are needed to help boost shine and tame frizzy ends.
He told how other kids used to take the mickey out of his frizzy hair.