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1. A dress.
2. A long loose outer garment, as that worn by artists and craftspeople; a smock.
3. A woolen garment formerly worn by sailors; a jersey.
4. A robe worn by monks, friars, and other clerics; a habit.
tr.v. frocked, frock·ing, frocks
1. To clothe in a frock.
2. To invest with clerical office.

[Middle English frok, a monk's habit, from Old French froc, from Medieval Latin froccus, of Germanic origin.]
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Tracey lives and works near Trearddur Bay, Anglesey and established her label, Frocked de la Vallire, in 2005.
Tracey Valliere-Evans, owner of fashion label Frocked de la Vallire Ltd, based at Four Mile Bridge, Valley, hit on the idea of the fashion shoot at Tre-Ysgawen Hall Country Hall & Spa as a way of building brand recognition and boosting sales.
The glamorous fashion studio, Frocked de la Valliere and its select team combine their skills, passion and eclectic inspirations to create collections for the international market.