frog spit

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frog spit

1. A foamlike aggregation of small aquatic plants, such as green algae, on the surface of a pond. Also called frog spittle.

frog spit


frog spittle

1. (Zoology) another name for cuckoo spit
2. (Plants) a foamy mass of threadlike green algae floating on ponds

frog′ spit`

1. any of various freshwater green algae that form into floating mats studded with air bubbles.
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The change between the different consistencies of frog spit cannot be noticed even in slow-motion videos.
You may even have heard it called "frog spit" or "snake spit." These earthy names well-describe the frothy masses that appear overnight on the stems of select plants.
No, the bubbles are not frog spit, snake spit, or cuckoo spit, contrary to common kidlore.