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 (frôg′hŏp′ər, frŏg′-)
Any of various plant-feeding insects of the superfamily Cercopoidea, having adults with long legs used for leaping and nymphs that form frothy masses of liquid on plant stems. Also called spittlebug.
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(Animals) any small leaping herbivorous homopterous insect of the family Cercopidae, whose larvae secrete a protective spittle-like substance around themselves. Also called: spittle insect or spittlebug
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(ˈfrɒgˌhɒp ər, ˈfrɔg-)

any of several leaping homopterous insects of the family Cercopidae, which as a larva is surrounded by a frothy mass.
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Noun1.froghopper - a variety of spittlebug
spittle insect, spittlebug - small leaping herbivorous insect that lives in a mass of protective froth which it and its larvae secrete
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I carefully scooped one off a branch and showed them the young froghopper inside.
So if one comes across frothy slime smeared on vegetation that looks like human spit, it could be the secretion of a sap-feeding cercopid called a froghopper.
Life history of the Syrphid fly predaceous on froghopper nymphs.
The operator of the 'Froghopper' heard a bang and saw that one of two cables that lift the gondola had stopped.
Price's project takes him from a Texas gym, where he's tutored by 1996 Olympic high jump gold medalist Charles Austin, to the Performance Lab of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York to the office of British zoologist Malcolm Burrows, an expert on the jumping characteristics of an insect known as the froghopper. While crisply explicating arcana like the difference between fast- and slow-twitch muscles, he documents a punishing exercise regimen that helped him shed pounds and gain vertical lift as he strained to reach his goal.
Field evaluation of Metarhizium anisopliae (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes) as a mycoinsecticide for control of sugarcane froghopper, Aeneolamia varia saccharina (Hemiptera: Cercopidae).
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 John Surtees; 2 Alexander I; 3 Jupiter; 4 Lewis and Harris; 5 The froghopper; 6 Chile; 7 Paul Simon; 8 Indonesia; 9 I'm A Celebrity...
A: Cuckoo spit is the name given to froth produced by insects known as froghoppers. Eggs are laid in autumn by the adult froghopper and these hatch the following spring into nymphs which suck the sap.
Inside the patch of white foam is a developing creature called a froghopper. But don't panic - very soon they'll hatch out and the "spit" will be dislodged next time it rains.
But they looked more relaxed as they took Harvey on one of the younger rides, Froghopper.