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Imagine, if you can, a huge grizzly with ten legs armed with mighty talons and an enormous froglike mouth splitting his head from ear to ear, exposing three rows of long, white tusks.
Until about four months; in short as long as they have their big body and little limbs and that terrible froglike action."
Squatting froglike in the characteristic pose of ancestral address, he would mix the soil and the water.
They are vaguely crustacean in appearance, with hard carapaces and the customary scaly, froglike faces.
Clinical manifestation of hypothyroidism: They include fatigue and extreme somnolence with sleeping up to 12 to 14 hours a day, extreme muscular sluggish- ness, slowed heart rate, decreased cardiac output, decreased blood volume, sometimes increased body weight, constipation, mental sluggishness, failure of many trophic functions in the body evidenced by de- pressed growth of hair and scaliness of the skin, development of a froglike husky voice, and in severe cases, development of an edematous appearance throughout the body called myxedema.1,3,5
Her characterizations were supported by an intense physicality, as she bounced across the floor in a froglike squat as six-year old Edith Ann, hunched over for Trudy the bag lady, or stood ramrod straight as Mrs.
She had an exceptionally long career as an actress playing chiefly comedy roles, enabled by her squeaky froglike voice (hence she was an odd choice for the homesteader's wife).
The "butterfly" has froglike legs and claws growing out of its wings as well as two elongated whiskers growing--not in front of its head but from its wings--ending in two tentacles.
Other details counter this, however, particularly the macabre quality of Piaf's froglike, Tim Burton-esque hands, and the way the uneven application of paint disfigures the surface of her skin.
The shape and configuration of bones in the creature's skull, and particularly those in its palate, are very froglike. Therefore, "this fossil seals the gap" between primitive amphibians and the frogs and salamanders that evolved later, Anderson says.
Frog) toons, based on a popular comic manga and TV show, about a froglike alien that references and parodies other Japanese toons.