from head to toe

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Adv.1.from head to toe - at all points from head to foot; "he was armed cap-a-pie"
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All I know is that it was Hooja who brought Dian to the prospector, still wrapped from head to toe in the skin of an enormous cave lion which covered her since the Mahar prisoners had been brought into camp.
From head to toe, we are ashamed of intertwining personal matters with official.
Summary: Covered from head to toe in an array of colours, they received their medals at the finish line.
They got in the spirit of things as they were covered from head to toe in a blast of colour as they sampled the coloured powder paint for this year.
From head to toe, just a few essential on-trend pieces are all that's needed to give your entire wardrobe a fresh summer reboot.
According to Reader's Digest, a nude shoe that matches your skin tone creates the illusion that your legs are longer 2- Wearing black from head to toe: It will make you look slimmer and taller, but the secret you might not know is that you can wear any shade from head to toe and it will give you the same results as black.
A trailblazer from head to toe, he was truly a creative soul and will be always remembered for his love for the country and for the passion he had shown for spreading the message of Islam as a preacher.
I hike for an hour a day in the blazing Southern California wilderness and need to be covered from head to toe.
"Our blood covers him from head to toe," wrote Ghattas, a member of the Joint List Arab coalition.
Neville was taken to the home of his daughter Diane Brannan, 52, who said: "He was shivering from head to toe. He was so upset, he was in total shock."
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