from nowhere

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Adv.1.from nowhere - without warning; "your cousin arrived out of thin air"
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He came from nowhere and just hit him - simply because Gary is a former footballer.
DEAR Editor, Jonathan Walker, writing on the forthcoming General Election, stated: " could suggest that UKIP has a chance of coming from nowhere and winning the seats for themselves." (Post, January 15) Post Nowhere?
News from Nowhere marked its 40th anniversary with an event at the Adelphi hotel with music, a raffle and dancing.
THERE'S always a team that comes from nowhere to gain promotion to the Premier League.
Krasnoyarsk, Belarus, July 02, 2013 --( Awem, the developer of such titles as Cradle Of Rome[TM] 1-2, Golden Trails: The New Western Rush[TM], Golden Trails 2: The Lost Legacy[TM], Letters from Nowhere[TM] 1-2, The Island: Castaway[TM] 1-2, and other casual games and mobile apps, announces the release of Letters from Nowhere 2[TM] for Mac.
THE rolling countryside for ms the backdrop to Ellesmere Port-based Action Transport Theatre's new show, 12 Miles from Nowhere.
IN the same week in which Transport Secretary Philip Hammond begged the North East to back his high speed rail plans (The Journal, December 29), in order to overcome opposition from Tory nimbys in the south of England, his department has approved a grant of pounds 24m pounds to Surrey County Council to build a river bridge which, in strategic terms, goes from nowhere to nowhere.
Such is "From Nowhere I Come...Passing Through Life...To Somewhere I Am Going", the autobiography of Harlan V.