from start to finish

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Adv.1.from start to finish - completely
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Hair is deceitful and noses and eyes change, and you cannot tell what is going to come of them, but ears is ears from start to finish, and you always know where you are with them.
The whole lovely programme from start to finish. It amazed me to think that one so divinely beautiful could at the same time be so fiendishly vindictive.
She labels it with meanings from start to finish; turns it into literature.
It isn't a nursery story, Bunny, and there isn't a laugh in it from start to finish; on the contrary, you have often asked me what turned my hair gray, and now you are going to hear."
"All dead wrong from start to finish, an' Whittier he's to blame.
This act is going to be a scream from start to finish.'
It had been miserable from start to finish; first, the service in the chapel; then luncheon; then Evelyn; then Miss Allan; then old Mrs.
Each night visualise the changed dream from start to finish.
The 31-year-old was fastest in first practice yesterday and said: "I want to put my mind towards getting the car ready, so I qualify on pole and win the race from start to finish. That is my goal.
He led from start to finish and stepping up to 1m4f was not a problem to him.
"We were right on it from start to finish and some of our goals and football were outstanding, but for me it's a mixed bag on the night.
"To have been able to be part of planning and delivering the Olympic and Paralympic Games from start to finish is a rare opportunity in public life and that too has been a privilege.

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