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1. Bearing fronds.
2. Resembling a frond or leaf.

[Latin frondōsus, abounding in foliage, from frōns, frond-, foliage.]
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In addition to these corals a variety of frondose and turf macroalgal species are present; algal communities consist mainly of Gelidiopsis intricata, Hypnea pannosa, Dictyota spp.
14) Hans Pflug proposed that many or most of the Ediacaran frondose creatures were a unique phylum (christened the "Petalonomae") of osmotrophic organisms; Adolf Seilacher went one step further, considering these an extinct kingdom of life, the Vendobionts.
Seagrass and frondose algae cover, rugosity and sandy substrate were the main factors that influenced molluscan distribution throughout the Maracajau reef system according to BIO-ENV analysis (Table 4).
The studied assemblages are dominated by seaweed, mainly the articulated red algae Corallina elongata, some encrusting coralline algae such as those of the genera Lithophyllum and Mesophyllum, and some frondose brown and red algae such as Cystoseira sp.