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1. Bearing fronds.
2. Resembling a frond or leaf.

[Latin frondōsus, abounding in foliage, from frōns, frond-, foliage.]
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In addition to these corals a variety of frondose and turf macroalgal species are present; algal communities consist mainly of Gelidiopsis intricata, Hypnea pannosa, Dictyota spp.
Histological assessment of LA tissue disclosed frondose areas with significant neovascularization, dense cellular infiltrates, and connective tissue with mature adipocytes.
Many of the Ediacaran creatures (e.g., Rangea) were frondose. The oldest Ediacaran assemblages, preserved in eastern Newfoundland, were composed of fronds ("rangiomorphs") which exhibit fractal branching at three or four scales.
Seagrass and frondose algae cover, rugosity and sandy substrate were the main factors that influenced molluscan distribution throughout the Maracajau reef system according to BIO-ENV analysis (Table 4).