front burner

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front′ burn′er

a condition or position of top priority.
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Noun1.front burner - top priority; "the work was moved to the front burner in order to meet deadlines"
precedence, precedency, priority - status established in order of importance or urgency; "...its precedence as the world's leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals"; "national independence takes priority over class struggle"
back burner - reduced priority; "dozens of cases were put on the back burner"
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The bill that has been passed from the floor of the National Assembly, the #NotTooYoungToRun bill were on the front burner for pushing towards its passage.
If you're looking for the break-up scenario, it's still simmering on a front burner.
Summary: A new technical and geological report showing common offshore gas reserves between Lebanon and Israel is set to speed up the government to place the issue on the front burner.
He praised the upcoming summit in Istanbul noting that the time was apt to thrust humanitarian issues to the front burner, knowing that, according to UN statistics, there are more than 60 million people worldwide who are currently displaced or have been rendered as refugees in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.
equipment to ensure both the new boiler and the front burner of the original boiler function as
The Slovak Transport Ministry remains opposed to the idea of privatizing ZSSK Cargo, however, "the issue of Cargo's privatization isn't on the front burner, and it certainly won't be addressed by the incumbent Government.
Some issues that ought to be on the back burner are being put out on the front burner," the SC bench observed.
Together with my partner, Todd Dennis, we have been able to grow and develop a franchise portfolio with Front Burner Brands by maintaining the budgets of our existing restaurants, while also trying to trim costs.
The issue that is on the front burner for Washington is the nuclear topic, with human rights and terrorism on back burners.
Matthew Levitt of the Washington Institute said that Bulgaria pointing the finger at Hezbollah, in addition to the nearly-finished trial of a Swedish-Lebanese man in connection with the bombing, "will put this issue back on the front burner.
And the failure of the Governor of New York to keep this issue on a front burner is a similar governance failure.
An affiliate of Front Burner Brands, a restaurant management company based in Florida, The Melting Pot, said the 12-unit franchise deal with HCS was the largest in the company's history.