front load

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front′ load`




to put fees, costs, commissions, etc., at the beginning of (an agreement).
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This premium 24-inch front load washing machine is more durable, more convenient and more sophisticated than ever and features the unique pedestal TWINWashao Mini under the main unit.
Tenders are invited for provide front load 8 cy trash containers and front load 8 cy cardboard recycling containers.
a global leader in digital convergence technologies, has demonstrated "once again its technology dominance in home appliances" by launching its advanced, smart and one of the biggest front load washing machines in the Saudi market.
Purchase price also includes Laundry equipment, 2 Giant Front Load Washers, 6 Triple Front Load Washers, 6 double Front Load Washers, 7 stack dryers with 14-30lb.
Laundry is a very simple category: Everything is roughly the same size, with a choice between front load and top load.
Standard features of the C4 include an easy to use graphical user interface; variable cutter speeds up to 500 rpm; a 1,000 product database; an extended center for easy cleaning; powerpack hydraulics with electronic flow control; operating pressure of 240 bar (3,500 psi); a manual or automatic cycle; a reversing conveyor in both the manual and automatic cycle; weigh scales feedback loop for blank weight control; a streamlined design for ease of service and maintenance; and front load dies for speedy changes of product.
The HE4t King Size Capacity Plus Front Load Washer features a built-in heater to treat stains and a sanitary cycle that promises to eliminate nearly 100 percent of certain bacteria.